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Green Building Sustainable Development Forum and China-Asia Green Architecture Committee 2019 Annual Conference is Held at HBUT

Date:2019-11-18 Clicks:288

  On November 11th, the Green Building·Sustainable Development Forum and China-Asia Green Architecture Committee 2019 Annual Conference was Held at HBUT library. 11 speakers and over 300 guests gathered at the lecture hall and conducted impassioned discussions on green building and sustainable development. 

  In recent years, with growing national comprehensive strength, green building and  sustainable development awareness has been increasing. China has embraced this opportunity in green building remoulding and sustainable development in urban areas. Many achievements and breakthroughs have been produced both theoretically and practically. This conferences aims at building communication and promoting the field, and strengthening the integration of teaching, research and project design to create new ideas and thoughts.

  The opening ceremony was presided over by Mr. Zhou Chang, committee member of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People’s Republic of China (MOHURD). Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering Prof. Meng Jianmin, HBUT President Prof. Liu Defu, Secretary of CITIC Engineering Design & Construction Co. Ltd., Mr. Jin Zhihong attended the ceremony and delivered speeches.

  Prof. Meng Jianmin expressed his expectation for this conference to promote sustainable urban development and form a green city system through green development mechanisms.

  On behalf of HBUT, Prof. Liu Defu extended a warm welcome and his sincere appreciation to all experts and leaders who have been consistently supporting the construction and development of HBUT. He introduced the strategic demands and development strategy of green industry, and major achievements in architecture over the past years.                  Secretary Jin Zhihong expressed his support for green building remoulding and sustainable development in urban areas, and he hoped that all members could strive together to realize the ongoing success of this field.

  The conference focused on green building remoulding and urban sustainable development, with 11 lectures provided to experts and guests.

  Several lectures were given in the morning, which was presided over by Mr. Han Yubin, President of China Architecture Design & Research Group.

  Gathering and Separation: Observation on Trends of Human Settlement Ecology and Natural Ecology (Mr. Zuo Yulang, Executive Member of Architectural Society of China).

  Urban Design: an Architectural Heritage Protection and Utilization Tool (Prof. Sun Yimin, Dean of School of Architecture, South China University of Technology)

  Theoretical and Case Study on Green Building Remould and Sustainable Development in Urban Areas in German (Mr. Lu Qiu, Chief Architect of 5+1WERKHART)

  Urban space reconstruction and sustainable development (Prof. Xiao Wei, Dean of CITIC General Institute of Architectural Design and Research)

  6 lectures were given in the afternoon, which was presided over by Prof. Dai Jian from the College of Architecture & Urban Planning of Beijing University of Technology.

  Intelligent Drawing of Fabricated Concrete Components (Mr. Zhao Yange, Deputy Chief Engineer of China Academy of Building Research)

 Integration and Demonstration of Green Remould Technology for large-scale public buildings in Wuhan (Prof. Chen Hong, School of Architecture and Urban Planning, Huazhong University of Science and Technology)

  Feasibility Study on Energy-saving Remould Technology of Wuhan Governmental Departments Buildings (Deputy Dean of Hubei CUS Research Academy of Green Building)

  Mr. Zhou Chang made a summary speech and presented prizes to the lecturers. 

  This conference attracted more than 300 experts, teachers and students from related universities and academies with rich content and strong academic atmosphere. It plays a beneficial role in promoting the development of green building and building materials in China. It is also expected to arouse the interest and attention of more researchers and practitioners in the future so as to cultivate and accumulate more research strength in this field.

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