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Coronavirus Pandemic: Foreign Teachers, Students in Wuhan Join Prevention Efforts

Date:2020-05-08 Clicks:94

The central Chinese city of Wuhan is home to over one million college students. At the height of the COVID-19 outbreak, all schools were shut down. But groups of international students and faculty members chose to stay. Some of them have pitched in with prevention and control efforts across the city. Feng Yilei tells us more.

Like many others, the COVID-19 outbreak in Wuhan caught Peter by surprise. The city went into lockdown just a month after he had gotten his Chinese work visa. Returning to Cameroon was an option, but the MBA graduate chose to do otherwise.

NDJIKE PIERRE PAULIN Student Coordinator, Hubei University of Technology "That person did so many things important for you. You cannot abandon the person when the person is suffering. This is what we call love. I cannot leave my school now because they need me, I have to try my best to help them."

The smell of disinfectants no longer fazes Peter after three months of riding out the pandemic with his Chinese colleagues and ensuring the safety of some three-hundred foreign students stuck on campus.

He has become the first foreign international student counselor at the Hubei University of Technology. For him, the most important duty is securing basic necessities and bringing comfort to those in anxiety.

"Please come at the gate to take your parcel."

NDJIKE PIERRE PAULIN Student Coordinator, Hubei University of Technology "Most of them are still kids. So they will approach me and said we are really worried. So as a teacher, I would tell them, don't worry, the situation will get better soon. And it will not make any sense, if we let you go outside and you are sick, all the sacrifices, all the hardworking that we did, will just go in vain. So let's just try our best."

Some students have also volunteered to give Peter a hand in his work.

SONY ISMAIL HOSSAIN Student from Bangladesh, Hubei University of Technology "The school did its best. And we also tried our best to keep the things managed, and keep things in order."

NKURUNZIZA CEDRIC Student from Burundi, Hubei University of Technology "This is not a one-person problem, for me as a student here, I felt the need to give my time and energy to help others."

MUSONDA KAUNDA Student from Zambia, Hubei University of Technology "Even if sometimes it would be like, is it really a good idea? But it's actually the best idea when you think about it, because none of us is sick, at least we're not in a high risk of getting sick or having to be infected with the COVID-19. So the government did a very excellent plan on this."

As the pandemic rages on, Peter's home country of Cameroon has not been spared from COVID-19. He says he hopes the lessons from Wuhan—namely, patience and discipline—could help end the crisis in other areas soon.

NDJIKE PIERRE PAULIN Student Coordinator, Hubei University of Technology "With my friends back home, with my family back home,I give them advice— You see how Chinese people they fought against this and how to win the battle. So please let us do like them. And now we can see the result. So for all the countries in the world, they should take China as an example for them to win this battle."

Though the downtime is not over yet, the future looks promising. Both teachers and students hope that their current efforts will only bring them one step closer to a livelier campus again. Feng Yilei, CGTN, Wuhan.


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