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School of Biological Engineering and Food Science


The School of Biological Engineering and Food Science was founded in 2016, consisting of the School of Biological Engineering and Engineering and the School of Food and Pharmaceutical Engineering.


The school has the most advanced teaching and research platforms of the university. The school has several provincial or ministry-level teaching and research platforms, including fermentation engineering key laboratory of the Ministry of Education, industrial fermentation collaborative innovation center of Hubei, Hubei industrial microorganism key laboratory, Hubei fermentation engineering key laboratory, and Hubei food fermentation engineering research center. The school has worked with Angel Yeast Co., Ltd., Guangji Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Shandong Taisheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Hualong Biological Technology Co., Ltd., Zhijiang Liquor Co., Ltd., Baiyunbian Liquor Co, Ltd. and other enterprises to establish engineering centers or R&D centers. With longtime cooperation, the school has established college student internship and employment bases in Angel Yeast, Guangji Pharmaceutical, Dongyangguang Pharmaceutical, New Huayang Biology, Hualong Biology, Zhijiang Liquor, Baiyunbian Liquor, China Jinjiu Group, Tsingtao Beer (Xiaogan), Inbev Kinglong Beer, and other 20 enterprises.


The school has several international  research centers and platforms, including Phillips Hydrocolloids Research Centre, Fermentation Engineering Key Laboratory of Ministry of Education, Hubei Province University-industry Cooperation Research Center of Cardiovascular and Drug Discovery. We have established cooperative relations for research and student training with scientific university and research institutes, such as Greenway University and Cardiff University in UK, University of Guelph in Canada, Osaka City University and Southeast University in Japan, and other companies, including Sanei Source company of Japan.


With the support of the regulatory authority and various experts, the school has established a good development momentum and increased its core competitiveness.



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Address:No.28, Nanli Road, Hong-shan District, Wuchang, Wuhan, Hubei Province, P. R. China