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School of Mechanical Engineering

The School of Mechanical Engineering is the result of merging the Agricultural Machinery major of former Hubei Agricultural Machinery Junior College Institute, and the Light Industry Machinery major of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Department, Hubei Light Industry Institute in 1985. In March 1992, the school was designated as one of the twelve higher education departments (schools) level reform pilot bases by the Hubei Higher Education Committee. In June 2003, with the approval of the university, the school was renamed into the School of Mechanical Engineering. After 20 years of development, it has become one of the backbone schools with medium size, reasonable arrangement of majors and courses, equal importance attached on teaching and research, unique courses, and full development vitality.

The school has a faculty with reasonable structure and high quality. The school has 175 teaching and administration staff, among them 32 professors, 43 assistant professors, 1 foreign expert, 3 Hubei One Hundred Expert Plan title-holders, 2 “Chutian Scholars Plan” special-term professors, and 24 provincial or higher level experts (some are receivers of government allowance of the State Council). The school also has some famous chair professors such as academicians Ye Shenghua and Tan Jianrong.

The school has well equipped laboratories, and 8 national and provincial institutions for experiments, namely National Product Quality Inspection Technology Experiment and Teaching Demonstration Center; Hubei Basic Mechanics Experiment Demonstration Center; Hubei Mechanical Engineering Training Center; Hubei Inspection Technology Experiment and Teaching Demonstration Center; Hubei Digitized Design and Manufacturing Simulation Experiment and Teaching Demonstration Center; National College Student Off-campus Practice Base; Hubei Higher Education College Engineering Training Center; and Hubei College Student Innovation Base. The school also has 8 provincial and city level research institutions, and 3 commercialization companies, namely; Hubei Modern Manufacturing Quality Engineering Key Laboratory; Hubei Packaging Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center; Hubei Electro-mechanical Product Quality Engineering Technology Innovation Base; Wuhan Machine Visual Inspection Technology Engineering Center; Wuhan Precision Mold Engineering Center; Wuhan Non-destruction Test Technology and Equipment Engineering Research Center; Jingshan - Hubei University of Technology Mechanical Engineering Research Institute; Wuhan Hugong Precision Mold Research Institute Company Limited; etc.

The school is one of the first batch of higher education reform “pilot schools”. According to the requirements of the “721” talent education reform model, the school is dedicated to the cultivation of innovative, composite, and applied talents. The school implements wide range education model reforms. Mechanical Design; Manufacturing and Automation; Industrial Engineering; and Packaging Engineering are treated as majors of the same category as “mechanical engineering”. After finishing public courses of mechanical engineering, the students will receive training in specific major, and learn the various basic and professional courses of their majors.

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Address:No.28, Nanli Road, Hong-shan District, Wuchang, Wuhan, Hubei Province, P. R. China