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HBUT has 3 new international partners in Australian and New Zealand

Date:2018-07-26 Clicks:2714

At  the invitation of Australia and New Zealand partner universities, Vice  President Zhang Yingjiang leaded a team to Australia Southern Cross  University, Queensland University of Technology and New Zealand  University of Auckland, Lincoln University and other universities for cooperation.

At  the Southern Cross University in Australia, the Vice President, Mr. Monty Singh, the Minister of International Relations and  Business, and the Dean of the School of Engineering met with the  delegation. The  two sides conducted fruitful exchanges and discussions, reached an  agreement on cooperation, signed a memorandum of cooperation between the  two universities, formally established an international partnership  between the two universities, and signed an agreement on international  exchanges and cooperation projects. The two sides decided on art,  economy and management. Undergraduate  and master's level joint training programs in the fields of mechanical  engineering, architecture and environment, computer science and  technology. The  main research directions, research results and talent training mode of  the school's engineering college were introduced in detail. The  delegation also visited the engineering college laboratory and related  teaching aids. Subsequently,  the delegation also held talks with Prof. Dean, the academic leader of  the IT School of Southern Cross University, and fully exchanged  scientific research cooperation and personnel training in the IT field.

At  Queensland University of Technology, the delegation discussed with the  school's head of the School of Health and Biomedical Innovation, Dr. Lyn  Griffiths, the research and innovation cooperation between the two  universities in the fields of sports health, biotechnology and materials  science, on teacher visits, collaborative research, mastership, The doctoral student exchange and other issues reached an agreement. Professor  Tony Parker, head of the Department of Sports Health and  Rehabilitation, led a delegation to visit the National Laboratory for  Sports Health and Rehabilitation and the Queensland Rehabilitation  Research and Innovation Center. I look forward to strengthening our  cooperation in related fields and research directions. . In  addition, the delegation also visited the teachers who visited and  studied at Queensland University of Technology and the University of  Technology in Sydney to learn more about their overseas study, research  and life, and the duration of overseas training, research results and  living expenses. The matter was investigated one by one.

During  his visit to the University of Auckland, New Zealand, Professor Mark  Barrow, Dean of the School of Education and Social Work, gave the  delegation a warm reception and talks. The  two sides introduced the basic schooling situation and the  characteristics of the school, and expressed their good wishes to  establish cooperation partners and strengthen cooperation and exchanges.  After  discussion, the two sides signed a cooperation and exchange agreement,  which will focus on the joint training of masters and doctoral students  in the field of education, and carry out international exchange programs  for outstanding undergraduate students in the English, Chinese,  International Education and Education Foundation. The two sides will  also support two School teachers visit each other, attend international conferences, conduct joint research, and publish academic articles.

The  delegation also visited Lincoln University of New Zealand and the New  Zealand Business School to fully exchange students' short-term exchange  programs and the joint master training program. The two sides signed a  3.5+0.5+1 cooperation model for the joint master and master program. At  the same time, Lincoln University will set up a vocational development  training base for teachers of Hubei University of Technology to provide  study, work and experimental places for teachers' visits and training.

This  visit has established three new international partners in Australia and  New Zealand, expanding international exchanges, cooperation areas and  levels, and strengthening the depth of talent training, joint research  and teacher visits with Australian and New Zealand universities. Exchanges  and cooperation are conducive to further promoting the development of  international cooperation and exchanges in our school and promoting the  improvement of the school's international education level.

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