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The 17th International Conference on Sustainable Energy Technologies & 2018 Wuhan Forum of World-Renowned Scientists Lecturing in Hubei concludes

Date:2018-08-24 Clicks:5806

The 17th International Conference on Sustainable Energy Technologies & 2018 Wuhan Forum of World-Renowned Scientists Lecturing in Hubei concluded on August 23rd, 2018 at Hong Shan Hotel, 1 Zhongbei Road, Wuchang, Wuhan, Hubei.

The theme of the Conference is Sustainable Energy Technologies for Eco Cities and Environment.  320 experts and delegates had discussions focused on the many topics such as Energy Storage for the Age of Renewables; Research, Innovation and Commercialization in Sustainable Energy Technologies; Integrating Planning & Policy, Architecture, Engineering & Economics; Energy and Environment; Engineering Thermophysics; and Systemic Change for Cities.

Organzied by Hubei University of Technology, the international academic event attracted more than 100 teachers and students from our university. 22 teachers and  students gave oral presentations at the sessions, and 87 papers were posted. Professor Dong Shijie, Dean of  Hubei University of Economics, Professor Liu Defu, President of Hubei University  of Technology, Professor Zhang Yingjiang, Vice President of Hubei University  of Technology, Professor Xiao Benlin, Professor Wu Tiezhou,  Professor Wang Yubo,Professor Lv Hui, were invited to serve as the chair of 32 sessions with other 26 professors.

On the evening of August 22, the conference held a grand award ceremony. Prof.  SAFFA RIFFAT, President of the World Association of Sustainable Energy  Technology (WSSET), Fellow of the Royal Institute of Engineering, and  Academician of the European Academy of Sciences, presented awards to  representatives of the “WSSET Innovation Award” (a total of 11 solar  energy efficient use of Hubei Province Collaborative Innovation Center) Professor  Liu Wen and Professor Wu Tiezhou from the School of Electrical and  Electronic Engineering received the award. The president Liu Defu and  the executive chairman of the SET2018 International Conference Liu Defu  presented the award for the “Best Poster Award” paper (2 schools,  including the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering). Teacher  Xiong Lan and the master student Liu Huimei co-authored the award),  Vice President Zhang Yingjiang presented the “Best Paper Award” (3 in  total). Professor  SAFFA RIFFAT, editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Low  Carbon Technologies magazine, presented the honorary certificate to the  author of the magazine's best paper award. Professor Peter Lund,  editor-in-chief of WIREs Energy and Environment magazine, presented the  author of the magazine's best poster award. Certificate of honor (a total of 1 person, is a graduate student of my school, Chen Hao). In  view of the outstanding contribution of Professor SAFFA RIFFAT in the  field of sustainable energy technology, the SET2018 Organizing Committee  decided to award the “SET Outstanding Contribution Award” by Prof.  SAFFA RIFFAT. On behalf of the organizing committee, President Liu Defu  presented the honorary certificate and prize for SAFFA RIFFAT. The conference announced that the SET 2019 Annual Meeting will be held at the University of Science Malaysia. The College Student Art Troupe performed a cultural program featuring Chinese traditional culture for the award ceremony.

On  the afternoon of the 23rd, the conference held a brief closing  ceremony. Professor SAFFA RIFFAT, the chairman of the conference, gave a  high degree of recognition to the academic achievements of the  conference at the closing ceremony, and highly praised the conference  organization and volunteer service work, and praised this session. The conference was the most successful one in the history of the SET conference." Participants said that "the organization of this session can serve as a benchmark for the future SET International Conference."

The  meeting was organized in strict accordance with the standards and  procedures of the international academic conference. From conference  materials and procedures to guests and delegates, the whole process was  in English and there was no simultaneous interpretation. Some  teachers and students are participating in such international academic  conferences for the first time. They all said that the academic  specifications of the conference are very high, and the participation is  convenient. It is possible to interact with international guests and  representatives at close distance without going abroad. The opportunity  is very rare. It has broadened its international vision and enhanced its level of international communication.

The  conference was followed by many news media such as Hubei Daily, Hubei  Satellite TV, Hubei Radio, Hubei Jingshi, Jingchu, Changjiang Daily,  Chutian Metropolis Daily, Changjiang Commercial Daily, Wuhan TV Station,  Wuhan Education TV Station, Wuhan Publishing, etc. Report. The  campus's zero-carbon demonstration building, which was built in  cooperation with the University of Nottingham and the WSSET Association,  has aroused strong media interest and attention. The media has paid  great attention to and affirmed the development strategy and  effectiveness of our school's green industry discipline. It is further demonstrated that the reputation of running a school has been further enhanced.

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Address:No.28, Nanli Road, Hong-shan District, Wuchang, Wuhan, Hubei Province, P. R. China