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"The 13th N.E.W.S Conference and 2016 Wuhan Forum of World Renowned Scientists Lecturing in Hubei" is held in HBUT

Date:2016-10-19 Clicks:2788

On October 18th, "The 13th Global University Network (N.E.W.S) Conference and 2016 Wuhan Forum of World Scientists Lecturing in Hubei" was held in our university. More than 100 representatives, who were from over 50 universities and companies in 14 countries and regions from all over the world, carried out in-depth communication and discussion on the conference theme "University-Industry Cooperation from the Perspective of Globalization and Internet+".

Mr. Zhou Yingjia, the Party secretary of our university, attended the opening ceremony and gave the welcoming remarks. Mr. Huang Jian, Deputy Director-General of Hubei Provincial Department of Education, and Mr. Wu Jianmin, Director-General of Hubei Provincial Foreign Experts Affairs Bureau attended and addressed the conference. Our president, Prof. Liu Defu was the keynote speaker.

During the two-day conference, representatives from 17 universities and companies both from home and abroad, had in-depth communications and discussions about the sub-themes, such as 'opportunities and challenges for higher education', 'the new role of companies', 'the new role of universities', 'the new cooperation mode between universities and companies', etc. More than 20 universities and companies both from home and abroad introduced themselves.

Prof. Sung-Jo Park from Free University of Berlin, made a personal appearance at the comference, who is also a charter member of the Global University Network. He gave a lecture named as "Regional Innovation Systems facing Digital Era: Challenges for University-Industry Cooperation". Prof. Sung-Jo Park pointed out that in the digital era, universities should develop a correct sense of their self-function and pay more attention to fundamental scientific researches and cross-field cooperation.

Our president, Prof. Liu Defu, as the chairman of the 13th Global Universities Network (N.E.W.S.) Conference, gave a keynote speech named as "Internet+: Opportunities and Challenges of Higher Education's developments". According to Prof. Liu, "Internet+" made education become more and more effective, open, fair, nimble, convenient and interesting. Universities should make efforts to transfer their education idea, locate where their school-running was directed at, and advance the development of universities' transformation (or transition). He also pointed out that the establishment and combination of the on-line and off-line education system would be a so major conundrum that educators should learn modern diversified education methods. Grounded on the current situation of China's higher education, he gave Hubei University of Technology as an example and put forward a couple of specific measures.

The Global Universities Network is shortened as N.E.W.S. The abbreviation, implying globalization, represents the four directions: East, South, West, and North. The network was founded in 1994 in Berlin, Germany, aiming at promoting and advancing communications and cooperation among universities from Eastern and Western countries. At the beginning of its establishment, the network attracts numerous universities from countries around the world to join in, such as France, Germany, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Japan, Russia, Serbia, Republic of Korea, China, America, etc.

About a dozen of news media inside and outside the province interviewed on the grand event at the scene and reported it, such as Hubei Daily, Hubei TV, etc. It was promptly copied by other media in succession.

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