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General Secretary Zhou Yingjia Leads Delegation to Visit Czech and Hungarian Cooperative Universities

Date:2018-06-08 Clicks:2615

     From May 28th to June 1st, 2018, a delegation led by Professor Zhou Yingjia, General Secretary of the Party Committee of HBUT visited the Czech and Hungarian cooperative universities.  The delegation included the heads of the School of Economics and Management, the School of Art and Design, and the Department of International Relations. A series of important cooperation agreements were signed.

During the visit, the delegation met with the leaders of VSB-TUO  (, a Czech partner of the Sino-Czech financial cooperation program at HBUT, and signed agreements for the Sino-Czech cooperation program, and for the joint training of doctoral students. The joint Ph.D. program of the two universities will take the lead in piloting enrollment at the School of Economics and Management and the School of Civil Engineering and Environment this September. Both China and Czech will appoint teachers as joint doctoral supervisors for doctoral programs. The students can choose to study at either campus.

Since the Sino-Czech program was established, 10 years ago, our university has enrolled more than 800 students, nearly 300 of whom are studying in the Czech Republic, and some of these graduates are studying for doctoral degrees in the Czech Republic or other countries, while some are well-known in the financial industry at home and abroad. Professor Zhou also visited the student representatives who are currently studying at the University of Jaipur. He listened extensively to the opinions and suggestions of the program participants, and encouraged the students to promote economic and trade development and cultural exchanges between China and the Czech Republic.

During the visit to the University of Pécs in Hungary (, the delegation reviewed the history and achievements of the cooperation between the two universities. They expressed admiration for the 650-year history and outstanding achievements of the University of Pécs, and proposed setting up an overseas campus at the University of Pécs.  He also expressed appreciation for Professor Akos Hutter, a Ph.D. student supervisor at the University of Peck, for his cooperation between the two universities during his time teaching at the School of Art and Design, at HBUT. Prof. Bodis Jozsef, president of the University of Pécs, expressed his welcome and appreciation for our school’s plans for the establishment of an overseas campus at the University of Pécs. At the end of the meeting, both parties signed agreements on a joint doctoral program, a joint international arts innovation talents training program, and a student exchange study.

Currently, one teachers from the School of Art and Design, and another from the School of Civil Engineering and Environment at HBUT have been studying at the University of Pécs. Prof. Zhou visited them and encouraged them to study hard.

During the visits, he also sent invitation letters to the leaders and teachers of both universities for SET 2018, which will be hosted by HBUT over August 21-23.


VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava has long tradition in high quality engineering. It provides tertiary education in technical and economic sciences across a wide range of study programmes and courses at the Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral level.The study programmes stand on a tradition going back more than 165 years, but reflect current, state of the art technologies and the needs of industry and society. Education is organized within 7 Faculties and 3 All-University Study Programmes.

Since 2009, our university has maintained a joint international financial education program with the Czech VSB-TUO.

The University of Pécs, established by King Louis the Great in 1367, celebrates the 650th anniversary of its foundation in 2017. Our university represents and embraces a great tradition dating back to medieval times, and is actively linked to the task of institutionalizing contemporary knowledge directed both to the present and the future at the same time.

The School of Art and Design at HBUT started its academic exchange activities with the University of Pécs in 2015.

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