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Exchange Program


HBUT supports its faculty members and students to obtain international education experience by developing diversified overseas exchange programs.

Each year over 100 teachers and 300 students at HBUT go overseas for study, research, international conference, training program, academic lectures or culture exchange programs. The number is still increasing annually with the rapid international development.


Faculty Members Overseas Exchange Programs

1.Overseas study programs supported by CSC(China Scholarship Council).

It is a nationally applied program sponsored by China's central government. Overseas study period could be 3-12 months or even longer.

For details:

2.Overseas study programs supported by Hubei Provincial Government
Hubei Provincial Government Young Teachers’ Overseas Study Plan offers financial support to applicants selected from Hubei Provincial higher education institutes. Overseas study period could be 3-6 months.


3.Overseas training program or academic exchange programs supported by HBUT.

HBUT organizes official overseas training program in specific areas according to the annual arrangement.

HBUT arranges visiting administrative or academic delegation to overseas partners for international cooperation or academic discussion regularly.

All faculty members can attend international conference or academic exchange activities according to the necessity, which can be supported by the university, relevant schools or by their own research fund.


Students Overseas Exchange Programs

1.Overseas credits transfer programs

HBUT encourages its students to go overseas for study with credits. Overseas study period could be 6-12months. Overseas credits obtained from partner universities can be recognized officially by HBUT.

HBUT currently has credits transfer program with Vassa University of Science & Technology of Finland, Roehampton University of Britain, VSB University of Czech Republic, Yunlin University of Science & Technology of Taiwan, to name a few.


2.Short-term culture exchange programs

HBUT organizes summer and winter Campus in overseas partner universities annually. All students can choose to joint diversified campus with different themes, such as Arts and Design, Civil Engineering, Global Finance etc..


3.Overseas Internship programs

HBUT is now carrying on Short Campus Semester policy, which shortened the classroom time on campus for students, but prolonged the internship time out of campus. All students are encouraged to go all over the world for internship experience.


For more information regarding the students exchange programs, please refer to the website of HBUT Overseas Study Service:


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