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1. Why TEFL in China?

TEFL in China is organized by the Information Research Center, State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA), which is the presiding authority over TEFL training in China. Trainers are experienced and well-trained experts in education and related fields. In this efficient, 7-day intensive course, you will learn how to teach English in China and how to adapt to cultural differences, and become acquainted with the laws and regulations for foreign teachers in China. The certificate training complies with internationally recognized standards. Upon successful completion of this training you will receive the accredited TEFL in China Certificate, which is a valued qualification for foreign teachers in China.

The Certificate is officially recognized as a qualification for teaching English throughout China, and it provides an excellent credential for entering the TEFL profession in China. The high standard of the Certificate training can be appreciated by individual schools and colleges throughout the world.

2. Is TEFL in China Certificate necessary for me to teach English in China?

Although some schools in China may require only that you are a native speaker, most institutions prefer to hire teachers who have gone through training and have classroom experience. In an increasingly competitive environment, a TEFL in China certificate is one of the things an EFL teacher can apply toward the basic requirements of employment. In any case, a TEFL in China certificate listed on your resume would make a great difference between you and another native English speaker, and can increase your chances of working at a better school and/or receiving a higher salary.

3. What qualifications are required to take part in the courses?

Nothing formal, just a reasonable standard of education and an upper-intermediate level of English proficiency. There is no limit on age, degree or teaching experience for trainees.

4. Can non-native English speakers take the courses?

Yes. However, you must be an overseas applicant, possessing proficient level of English.

5. What shall I do if I fail the courses?

You need to work hard during the whole training section. Your certificate would be awarded for attendance, participation and the score you earn on your final examination. In the unlikely event that a personal crisis arises, our trainers will help you overcome the difficulties and give you the opportunity of another assessment without any extra charge. If you fail again at the further chance, a 500RMB surcharge would be applied for each assessment. As always, we hope for your success in the course.

6. Do you arrange accommodation?

The tuition does not include accommodation. Nevertheless, we would be glad to offer campus accommodation, a well-furnished and well-appointed single apartment with free utilities and free wifi at the cost of 100 RMB per night.




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Address:No.28, Nanli Road, Hong-shan District, Wuchang, Wuhan, Hubei Province, P. R. China