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Outstanding Alumni

Huang Lei

Biography of Huang Lei

Huang Lei, male, born in 1977, and graduated in 2001 with a college degree in Pulp and Paper Engineering. He is the President of Beijing Esky Tech Corporation.

In 2005, Huang Lei founded Beijing Esky Tech Corporation. The company is now diversifying development. Currently there are 6 affiliated companies: Beijing Donghua Esky Tech Corporation, dedicated to systems integration, partnered with telecommunication operators, yearly revenue 600 million Yuan; Beijing Huachang Xintong Technology Company Limited, dedicated to mobile phone sales, partnered with Samsung, yearly revenue 100 million Yuan; Beijing Esky Xintong Technology Company Limited, dedicated to software development, sales and service, yearly revenue 50 million Yuan; Beijing Huachuang Dingxun Technology Company Limited, dedicated to logistics industry software and hardware sales, yearly revenue 20 million Yuan; Beijing Esky Hudong Ecommerce Technology Company Limited, dedicated to lifestyle e-commerce, yearly revenue 10 million Yuan; and Wuhan Esky Biotechnology Company Limited, dedicated to biotechnology R&D and implementation of national key projects.

Beijing Donghua Esky Technology Company Limited under his group company is a famous high-tech enterprise providing management consulting and software development service for telecommunication operators. The company is an application developer and integrator for capital and assets management, financial document image management, and other fields, and enjoys an excellent reputation in the telecommunication industry. Since the founding, the company has been keeping pace with international trends in products and technology, and has established partnerships with OPTICON, TEC, EPILEDS, etc. The premium quality products and self-developed applications are applied in various fields of the telecommunications industry. The company has also formed strategic alliances with domestic and foreign consulting companies and universities, including Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Telecommunication Research Institute of the Ministry of Information Industry, Bearing Point, PCCW, IBM, and Ernst & Young etc. to improve the consulting capability of the company.

Under the leadership of Huang Lei, Donghua Esky boasts standardized management systems, high quality staff, premium product quality, strong technical strength, complete after-sales service systems, and endless pursuit of excellence and innovation. The company has experienced fast development in the last few years. In the fields of fixed assets management, financial document image management, and overall management and budgeting, the company enjoys an unrivaled advantage, numerous technology results, and rich development and implementation experiences. The company has accomplished many representative projects: the fixed assets management project of China Mobile headquarters and 26 provincial companies; the fixed assets management project of China Netcom headquarters and 24 provincial companies; the financial document image management project of two provincial companies of China Mobile; and the assets management project of the State Grid, etc. Donghua Esky has regional offices in Guangdong, Yunnan, Guizhou and Shanghai. Members of the team of the company come from famous IT companies such as PCCW, COSCO Network Limited, etc. The team has complete and systematic consulting and project management experiences. The outstanding performance and premium service of the company has won the recognition of many clients. Donghua Esky has become the value-added agent, system integrator or strategic partner of dozens of IT companies around the world, which is a sound basis for delivering complete solutions and premium services to the users.

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Address:No.28, Nanli Road, Hong-shan District, Wuchang, Wuhan, Hubei Province, P. R. China