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Outstanding Alumni

Li Guotao

Biography of Li Guotao

Li Guotao, male, born in April 1970, graduated in 1993 with a college degree in Machine Manufacturing. He is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Shanghai Jiugu Intelligent Technologies Co., Ltd. and the President of Tsinghua Tongfang Co., Ltd. Shanghai Operation Center.

He Bin is the leader of one National High-Tech Development Plan (863 Plan) project, four national natural science fund projects (outstanding young scientist fund, key project fund, common project fund and youth fund), and five provincial research projects. The aggregate value of the research funds is 8.725 million Yuan. He also joined with partners of the United Kingdom and Spain to apply for and win the project “Targeted Delivery for Liver Cancer Treatment” under the seventh framework of the European Union.

He Bin has 53 research papers included by SCI, among them 21 papers have a factor of influence higher than 3.0. He has been awarded four national invention patents. His researches have won the wide recognition of domestic and foreign peers. He has been invited to deliver keynote speeches on international academic symposiums 12 times and acted as workgroup chairman 5 times. In 2012, with peer recommendation, he became an editorial board member of Nanomedicine and Nanobiology, and a member of the executive committee of the Chinese Advanced Materials Society.


July 1993 ~ December 1995, Factory Manager and Vice General Manager of Yichang Diesel Engine Factory;

December 1995 ~ December 1997, Factory Manger of Yichang Glass Factory;

December 1997 ~ April 2000, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Yichang Ma Ermu Johnson Piano Co., Ltd. (Sino-Swiss joint venture);

April 2000 ~ April 2004, Consultant for the Board of Directors and special assistant to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of JuneYao Group;

April 2004 ~ September 2009, Vice President of Tellhow Group, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Shanghai Tellhow Intelligent Building and Electric Co., Ltd., and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Shanghai Credy Intelligent Sci-tech Co., Ltd.;

September 2009 up to now, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Shanghai Jiugu Intelligent Technologies Co., Ltd. and the President of Tsinghua Tongfang Co., Ltd. Shanghai Operation Center.

After graduating from Hubei Polytechnic University, Li Guotao received a job assignment and arrived in Yichang, Hubei. He worked as head manager of Yichang Diesel Engine Factory, Yichang Glass Factory, Yichang Piano Factory and other state-owned enterprises. His term of office coincided with the crucial stage of state-owned enterprise reform, which was strewn with conflicts. As a young leader newly graduated, he didn’t have much experience, but his modesty, impartiality, charisma, broad vision, clear philosophy, boldness to act, and sense of responsibility gained the trust of the leadership and workers, and helped build his authority. With the support of the party committee and trade union, he explored the potential of the market, changed methodology, never hesitated to implement the policy of “encourage mergers, standardize bankruptcy, lay off redundant workers, increase efficiency and implement the reemployment project” determined by the Central Party Committee and the State Council, pushed forward the restructuring of state-owned enterprises and sacking of redundant workers. With internal re-employment and external recruitment, the enterprises realized successful restructuring. About a thousand laid-off workers were appropriately repositioned and re-employed.

After several years of working in the state-owned enterprises, to pursue personal development, Li Guotao resigned in April 2000 and joined JuneYao Group. During his employment at JuneYao Group, he worked as the General Manager of JuneYao Group Three Gorges Industry Investment Holding Company, the General Manager of Yichang JuneYao International Square, and the assistant to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of JuneYao Group. He successfully promoted the investment and development of JuneYao Group in Hubei, accomplished the initiation and construction of a dairy production base, the JuneYao International Spare and other projects, and helped accomplish the merger, restructuring and investment of Three Gorges Airport, Wuhan Airlines and other projects. Because of his team’s excellent coordination and communication with Hubei Province, JuneYao Group attracted one billion Yuan investment in Hubei, and the development of the group was brought to a brand new stage. Thanks to such investment, local economy also had a strong opportunity for development. Because of his important role in project introduction and coordination, Li Guotao directly reported to Yu Zhengsheng, Luo Qingquan and other main leaders of Hubei Province, and won their positive recognition and support.

In April 2004, as part of his self-development plan, and with the invitation of Huang Daifang, a member of the standing committee of CPPCC, and the President of Tellhow Group, Li Guotao took over the position of Vice President of Tellhow Group and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Shanghai Company, taking full responsibility for the investment and development of Tellhow Group in Shanghai. During his tenure in the group, he reinforced coordination with Shanghai Municipal Government, streamlined the organization structure, reversed unfavorable conditions, and brought Tellhow Group to a fast developing track in Shanghai. The group was awarded many national and large local projects including the Shanghai Expo pavilions, Aeronautics City, Pudong Airport, Hongqiao Airport, Pudong Executive Leadership Academy, Shanghai Big Aircraft, Shanghai Oriental Art Center, Lingang New City, Songjiang College City, etc. Tellhow Group has maintained 200% annual growth. In intelligent building and energy-saving building sectors, Tellhow is a leading player. The group is the main drafter of standards for design and construction of intelligent buildings entrusted by the Ministry of Construction. Because of all these achievements, Li Guotao was listed as one of the “Top 100 New Shanghai Businessmen”.

In September 2009, Li Guotao left Tellhow Group and began his own entrepreneurship. He founded Shanghai Jiugu Intelligent Technologies Co., Ltd. with a registered capital of 30 million Yuan. With the invitation of Tsinghua Tongfang, he took the position as President of the Shanghai Operation Center. His company has established strategic partnerships with Siemens, Tsinghua Tongfang and other top companies of the world. According to the operation philosophy of “realize excellence through innovation, lead the industry through technological advantage, and accomplish perfection through details”, the company recruited many high-end talents to speed up R&D. In just three years, the company attracted many high-end technical and managerial talents from IBM, Siemens and other Fortune 500 companies, as well as Parsons Brinckerhoff, WSP and other top consulting and engineering companies of the world. The company has registered twenty plus patent rights and software copyrights, finished the review and approval of Shanghai High-tech Enterprise title, passed the certification of design and construction qualifications by the Ministry of Construction and the Ministry of Information Technology, and was awarded many design and EPC projects from culture, medical, education and other sectors.

Li Guotao has always been a supporer of charitable causes. He has donated one million Yuan to East China University of Science and Technology and two million Yuan to Fudan University, co-founded Service Industry Research Institute with China Europe International Business School, and donated funds to support the development of the Shanghai Symphony. In August of this year, when he heard of the flood disaster of Shiyan, he made a donation to support the reconstruction of Maota Central Primary School through alumni of Shiyan. Upon the 60th anniversary of Hubei University of Technology, he donated one million Yuan to his Alma Mater.

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